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From a long past of playing and writing music together since the ages of ten and eleven, the young band Desember was founded by brothers Zach and Grant Jenks and their lifelong friend Andrew Torian as a statement of their committed pursuit to create music. After unwavering positive feedback performing their work live, the boys tirelessly invested themselves in recording and producing their first ever studio album, Chasing The Sun.

Growing up in musically inclined families, they listened to everything from classic rock, blues, 80's pop and classical music. Such influences and inspirations have aided in developing the band’s unique sound heard in Chasing the Sun.

The Chasing The Sun album opens with a passionate vocal performance by Zach on “Never Looking Back," followed by the jazzy soul of Sigh’s tenor saxophone on “Highway 101.” From there proceeds a journey of soulful acoustics and stunning vocals by Grant on the title track “Chasing the Sun.” Everything from the soft rock of “Marry You” and “One More Night,” to the rockin' blues of “Rich & Famous” and “Morning Bird,” the album keeps you listening through to the deep passionate R&B/Soul on songs like “Ok Selfish” and “Younger.” Furthermore, the band exposes their raw personal struggles in “Chances” and presents an anthem for a lost generation. In closing, the band provides a colorful sound of inspiration in“Far From Home,” a final word of hope in a long turbulent journey.


Chasing The Sun, through its impressive and artistic forethought, resounds a theme of hope and inspiration. The pursuit of a dream is not bound by the struggles facing it, but rather encouraged by its controversy and battles.


Desember’s journey is far from over. In fact, they are currently working on their next album MOONLIGHT and planning a Tour! Make sure to follow the band’s journey, because what’s happening in just the next few months and years for these young artists will change everything.

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