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Deja Vu



Desember is sure to wow audiences with their latest music video. Featuring a stellar performance and the collaborative efforts of a terrific crew, Desember brings to life an absorbing story through their stunning visuals. Check out the video and find out additional information by exploring the website.

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This song talks about leaving your home town to follow a dream. The lyrics, the mysterious guitar and (all together) throwback sound will take you on a journey through one’s comprehension of self as they embark on the trip of a lifetime.




Ooh Aurora

I’ve been here for way too long

It’s time for me to go

Sing a brand new song


Ooh Aurora Ooh will you still be here when I’m gone

Ooh ahh Ooh Aurora You’re as beautiful as all

As you stand in my doorway

Let your night gown fall

Ooh Aurora

Will you still love me when I’m gone Yeah yeah ohh


Waiting On My Time 

A song written in the mountains, inspired by the journey.


I don’t know how long I’ll hear the sound

They say the good die young And the wicked stick around

I’m running like the wind Running until the end Because my fear has let me down

But ain’t enough to keep me dead

I’m here waiting on a miracle

I’m here waiting on my time

I’m here waiting on a miracle

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